“Sharg Ulduzu” Limited Liability Company has a special place in the developing winemaking industry in Azerbaijan. A business plan gradually implemented by Company founded in 2002 is one of the great projects in Azerbaijani winemaking. Within this project, Company aims to apply modern technologies and manufacture high quality wine and brandy products.


Installation works at the factory established on the basis of a German project are implemented by a German Company, GWEİN. Production capacity of comb – separating machine and crusher made in France by BUCHER VASLIN installed at the processing plant is 40 ton/hour. The advantage of vacuum membrane press made by BUCHER VASLIN is that it doesn’t damage the seed and peel of grape mechanically and doesn’t create oxidation of wine and juice as the process is closed. This nullifies the possibility of change in the taste of wine.


Fermentation and storage tanks made in Germany, CLEMENS and Italy, DEFRANCESCHI are used in the factory. Kieselguhr and filter plates made in Italy, PADOVAN and membrane filters made in Germany PALL are used for the filtration of wine products.


Bottling finished wine is implemented by filling and labeling machines made in Italy, GAI. Glass bottles are provided by Russia and Moldavia, labels by Moldavia, corks by AMORIM which is a world famous manufacturer of natural cork from Portugal.


Modern plant has also been operated at the plant for making brandy alcohol. Brandy alcohol is made in an intermittent manner by means of modern wraparound-type alcohol making machines made in Germany, CARL through a double distillation of brandy-wine material as a result of the high temperature of the water heated in a water bath. The brandy alcohol is aged in oak barrels made in France.


“Sharg Ulduzu” LLC strives for introducing the reputation of wine – making, one of the ancient cultures of Azerbaijan, to the world countries. Each year foreign specialists from France, Germany, Italy visit and contribute along with local experts at Company. As a result, Company exports wine products to USA, Russia, China, S. Korea and Japan. Company intends to increase the number of local technical grape varieties by planting new vineyards in future. In addition, sparkling wine and grappa also include in the production plan.